Top 4 Gardening Books You Should Read

vegetable growing book by john harrison

Small Garden

small garden book by john brookesWritten by John Brookes, this $17 book is the answer to your garden needs. It’ll help you get the most practical ideas for your garden. It provides clear photos and instructive illustrations to help you design your beautiful garden the right way. The design process will be a breeze if you read this book. Everything you need to plan for your small garden is right here. Trust me.

vegetable growing book by john harrisonVegetable Growing Month by Month

If you’re a bit short on budget, then this $5 book by John Harrison is perfect for you. You’ll be amazed by how informative this book is with its explanations about how to grow your own veggies. The book includes steps for soil preparation and plant management. It can even teach you how to get rid of the pests! Harrison provides all the essential procedures you need to know so you can harvest delicious, healthy crops.

Our Plot

Authored by Clive West, this $20 publication has every info you’ll ever need when it comes to fruit, veggies, and flowers. There are tons of practical tips too! With this book, you’ll be able to enjoy gardening as you’ve never imagined. West even encourages readers to join a gardening community. On a more serious note, this book is entertaining.

Planting: A New Perspective

planting book by oudulfThanks to Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury, planting will never be the same again! Although this book costs $30, it’s actually worth the price, considering the information it offers. You’ll be amazed by the photos this book contains too! After purchasing, reading, and following the tips in this book, I’m confident that your garden will be the best-looking one in your neighborhood.


Ready to start gardening? After purchasing one or all those books mentioned above, it’s time to get some gardening items! We know you’ll need to get rid of pests so here’s our tip: trust only the best backpack sprayer on the market today!

8 Beautiful Public Libraries in the World That Every Book Lover Should Visit

Libraries are among the places that book lovers would not mind getting lost into. More than the treasure trove of collections it holds, a library provides a quiet place for anyone who may want some respite from the constant buzz of activities in the outside world. If you love books and traveling, here are some of the most beautiful public libraries in the world you need to visit.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria, Egypt)
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Location: Al Azaritah WA Ash Shatebi, Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria
Top reasons to visit: Eye-catching architecture, vast library with enough space to house eight million books , a spacious and beautifully designed reading room, located in a complex that is home to other facilities like art galleries, conference center, museums, planetarium, and a laboratory for manuscript restoration among others; sections like the Arts and Multimedia Library, Children’s Library, Microforms Library, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, Taha Hussein Library for the visually impaired, and the Young People’s Library.

Biblioteca Angelica (Rome, Italy)
Biblioteca Angelica
Location: Piazza S. Agostino, 8, Rome
Top reasons to visit: Biblioteca Angelica houses a collection numbering to almost 200,000 works; includes a collection of St. Augustine’s works, home to 460 unbound geographical maps, the geographical globes by W. J. Bleau, and more.

Kanazawa Umimirai Library (Kanazawa, Japan)
Kanazawa Umimirai Library
Location: Japan, 〒920-0341 Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa
Top reasons to go: Striking contemporary architecture designed by Japanese firm Coelacanth K&H Architects, the thousands of puncture holes in the building filled with translucent glass thus allowing the natural lighting to filter in, spacious and airy with a massive collection of books and other literary works

National Library of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus)
National Library of Belarus
Location: praspiekt Niezaliežnasci 116, Minsk
Top reasons to go: Unique and modern design, a building shaped like a rhombicuboctahedron; houses art galleries, a Book Museum, children’s playroom, conference hall, outdoor and indoor skydecks, recreational zones and cafes and restaurants

Seattle Central Library (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Seattle Central Library
Location: 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA
Top reasons to go: Beautiful award-winning architecture designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus, scenic view of Elliott Bay from the 10th floor, the public arts, and the wide collection of books and other works

Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan)
Sendai Mediatheque
Location: 2-1 Kasugamachi, Aoba Ward
Top reasons to go: Stunning architecture designed by Toyo Ito, features a public library and art gallery; houses a children’s library, exhibition space, multimedia library, public gallery spaces, studio spaces, café, shop, and cinema among others.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)
Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart
Location: Mailänder Platz 1, 70173 Stuttgart
Top reasons to go: Simple and modern design, the white surroundings provides stark contrast to the colors of books and the people milling around its vast space, light and airy atmosphere