8 Beautiful Public Libraries in the World That Every Book Lover Should Visit

National Library of Belarus

Libraries are among the places that book lovers would not mind getting lost into. More than the treasure trove of collections it holds, a library provides a quiet place for anyone who may want some respite from the constant buzz of activities in the outside world. If you love books and traveling, here are some of the most beautiful public libraries in the world you need to visit. Bibliotheca Alexandrina [Continue reading...]

Top 4 Gardening Books You Should Read

vegetable growing book by john harrison

Small Garden Written by John Brookes, this $17 book is the answer to your garden needs. It’ll help you get the most practical ideas for your garden. It provides clear photos and instructive illustrations to help you design your beautiful garden the right way. The design process will be a breeze if you read this book. Everything you need to plan for your small garden is right here. Trust me. Vegetable Growing Month [Continue reading...]

Coming Soon: Upcoming Movies of RDJ

Robert Downey Jr.

Avengers: Infinity War Release Date: April 25, 2018 We all get hyped up about the Avengers movie and probably anything related to Marvel’s huge plot distributed in all its other films. This forthcoming movie, however, is the most awaited Avengers motion picture because it will finally unite all the favorite Marvel superheroes they’ve introduced so far. The cast includes Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris [Continue reading...]

Fun Things to Do When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside


There are days when freezing temperatures outside just make you want to stay indoors and cozy up. But staying inside the house with nothing much to do may be boring at some point. Going out, however, is not the only way to get some fun and excitement during the coldest times of the year. Here are some ways to have a great time when you are stuck indoors. Get a head-start on spring cleaning. Why wait for spring to [Continue reading...]